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Art cards gallery - One, Two, Three

All art card images are reproduced from Ofra Svorai's original paintings, and are 5 inch by 7 inch size including a blank envelope. Each card is protected in a clear plastic sleeve. As all cards are blank, they are ideal for any occasion and suitable for mounting in a standard 5 inch by 7 inch frame, not included. Please note that most images posted on the main site are also available in art cards form.

Orders placement

To order any of the following art cards, please contact the artist and indicate the card number, card title and quantity you wish to order, and you will be contacted shortly regarding your purchase request.

Pricing / Shipping method

All cards and paintings are subject to shipping and handling charges. All pricing and billing are in Canadian dollars (CAN$). Each card is CAN$5.00, plus packaging and shipping charges. Minimum order is ten items of any selection from the art cards gallery or main art galleries to be produced upon request.

All art card orders are shipped by
Canada Post expedited service unless otherwise requested and arranged. Allow several days for your order's e-mail confirmation, which contain your order details. VISA and Mastercard credit cards accepted by telephone only. Do NOT include credit card information in your order request e-mail under any circumstances, as e-mail transmission is insecure and we cannot be responsible for any security breaches on your credit card when your credit card information is transmitted via e-mail.

Card 28 - Peaches And Cream

Card 29 - Rose

Card 30 - Purple Iris

Card 31 - For The Calla

Card 32 - Iris Duo

Card 33 - Balm Beach

Card 34 - Sail Boat

Card 35 - Nelly Lake

Card 36 - Rock Island

Card 37 - Windy Cove, Canoe

Card 38 - Far Away Lake

Card 39 - Fall Woods

Card 40 - Beaver River

Card 41 - Barn, Fall Colours

Card 42 - Fall Reflection

Card 43 - Frozen Air

Card 44 - High Noon

Card 45 - New Directions

Card 46 - Shapes

Card 47 - Swept Pine

Card 48 - Morning Mist

Card 49 - Summer Dream, Canoe

Card 50 - Fresh Water Lily

Card 51 - White And Red Canoes

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