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Due to the present COVID-19 environment,
all art shows and studio tours have been cancelled.

New art will continue to be posted regularly.
I am always open to creating commissions.

Greetings from Ofra Svorai Studio. For over forty years, I have worked and experimented with various art mediums. I am pleased to exhibit here a collection of my artwork highlights past and present. Please take some time to browse, explore the four gallery sections of this site: Silk Paintings, Acrylics and Oils, Woodcuts, Watercolours, and fine art cards galleries. You will also find event listings of latest upcoming exhibitions, open house studio tours in my showroom near Kimberley, Ontario (See map elsewhere on this site). I would be delighted to hear from you on any queries regarding my artwork, upcomings exhibitions and studio open house schedules, through the e-mail link. Thanks for taking the time to explore the Ofra Studio! -- Ofra

I began painting professionally with the use of dyes and resist on silk. Painting on silk has always been a challenge, since silk-painting is an extremely unforgiving artform as it is impossible to erase or repaint an area. My works are created with careful planning at each stage to arrive at the desired results. Some of the works shown in the gallery here are sold, while others are available as reproductions. As well there are some works available for sale. I also work with acrylics on board and canvas. In contrast to silk paintings, acrylics affords me the creative freedom in a looser style of painting. The woodprints on display here are created by carving out areas from slabs of wood, with the final image being a product of a number of seperate slabs. Each of these are handprinted in a small series - up to 25 prints per image, with each print being an original work of art that is signed, numbered and is available framed or unframed. Please also visit the fine art cards galleries that contains high quality reproductions of my original works. For ordering information, please refer to instructions on the art card gallery pages.

Silk gallery - One, Two, Three, Four
My introduction to silk painting was around 1977 while in art college. After graduation, I knew that art was to be my way of life, but was still seeking my artistic direction. Working at my kitchen table, I made my first creations of painted silk and began to develop my way of mounting and framing my own art. It was of great encouragement for me to continue my exploration and pursuit of this medium when I found warm public response and acceptance of my silk paintings.

My experimentation and experience progressed over the years in this medium. Technically, painting on silks starts with a blank white silk surface. Using alcohol based dyes and cold  resists, I worked in stages while creating images. Without use of pencils, compositions begin as freehand workings of the media elements. A light wash of colour is applied onto the stretched silk, typically using between thirty to forty colours. When the silk has dried, resist is applied. With this process repeated, I develop a painting building darker colours and greater details with the resist, applied using a tiny paper cone with a pin hole opening. When completed,  the painting is steamed to fix the dyes permanently into silk. Finally, the resist is removed and the painting is stretched then framed. My objective and challenge is to present a three-dimensional subject on a two-dimensional surface. The technique and process is complex and the images represent colourful interpretations of my love for nature.

Rays of Light, Silk painting

Acrylic and Oil gallery - One, Two, Three, Four
, Five
I have been painting with acrylics since 1995, inspired by themes similar to those of my silk paintings, but employing the changes of technique that acrylics offer. Generally, when working in acrylic, I tend to proceed in a manner opposite of that which I use with the silk medium. This allows me to use a different approach, working from darker to lighter colours. When painting on board or canvas, I prefer to prime the surface with burnt sienna which gives a warm background colour. In contrast to silk paintings which always progress from light to dark colours, acrylic paintings start with dark colours and with layers of paint, building depth and space. I do very much enjoy the freedom of being able to paint over surfaces to enhance and alter  my work as the need arises. Today, my preference is to work on oil paintings.

Heart Island, Oil painting

Watercolour and Woodcut gallery
My original training was a silkscreen printer (a completely different technique from painting on silk) with studies in textiles at the Sheridan College School of Design. Japanese wood block prints have always been a fascination. I have wanted often to explore printmaking on paper.  Producing an original print with woodcuts is very challenging. A wood printing-plate is created by carving away all areas that will not be printed.  To produce a multi-coloured print, many different plates are used. These woodcuts are printed on Japanese hand-made paper. Unfortunately, this is an art form that is disappearing from the mainstream. I paint watercolours mainly during trips to the back country, when traveling by canoe, and can bring only a small pad of paper and paints. Painting on location is very different from working in the studio as the light keeps changing, but I love this challenge.

Site-15, Watercolour painting

Art card gallery - One, Two, Three
Art cards reproduced from Ofra Svorai's original paintings are available in 5 inch by 7 inch size including a blank envelope, with each card protected in a clear plastic sleeve. As all cards are blank, they are ideal for any occasion and suitable for mounting in a standard 5 inch by 7 inch frame, not included.

Events - 2018 to 2019
2019.Nov 29 - 2019.Dec.01
Fine Craft Christmas Show
Bayshore Community Centre
1900 3rd Avenue East, Owen Sound, Ontario

2019.Oct.04 - 2019.Oct.06, 10:00 - 17:00
Autumn Leaves Studio Tour, 26th annual
Ofra Svorai Studio #K
Map on tour website

2019.Aug.01 - 2019.Aug.31
Solo exhibit - LIGHT, new paintings, Ofra Svorai
Legacy Gallery
Owen Sound Artists Co-op
942-945 2nd Avenue, Owen Sound, Ontario, 519-371-0479

2019.Aug.02 - 2019.Aug.05
Bruce Peninsula Art Show, 51st annual, at the High School
Lion's Head, Ontario

2019.Jul.27 - 2019.Jul.28, 10:00 - 17:00
The Killarney Art Show and Sale, 11th Annual
Killarney, Ontario

2019.May.18 - 2019.May.19, 10:00 - 17:00 (Victoria Day weekend)
Ofra Svorai Studio, studio #10
Tour of the Arts, the Blue Mountain Studio tour
Thornbury, Clarksburg and Kimberley area

2018.Dec.01 - 2018.Dec.31

"Elusive Sunrise" - new paintings exhibition
Tom Thomson Art Gallery Shop
Paintings and Art Cards exhibit
840 First Avenue West, Owen Sound, Ontario

2018.Nov.23 - 2018.Nov.25

Fine Craft Christmas Show
Bayshore Community Centre
1900 3rd Avenue East, Owen Sound, Ontario

2018.Oct.05 - 2018.Oct.08 (Thanksgiving weekend), 11:00 - 17:00

Ofra Svorai Studio, studio #1
Tour of the Arts, the Blue Mountain Studio tour
Thornbury, Clarksburg and Kimberley area

2018.Sep.28 - 2017.Sep.30, 10:00 - 17:00
Autumn Leaves Studio Tour, 25th annual
Ofra Svorai Studio #K
Map on tour website

2018.Jul.28 - 2018.Jul.29, 10:00 - 17:00
The Killarney Art Show and Sale, 8th Annual
Killarney, Ontario

2018.May.18 - 2018.May.21 (Victoria Day weekend), 11:00 - 17:00
Ofra Svorai Studio, studio #1
Tour of the Arts, the Blue Mountain Studio tour
Thornbury, Clarksburg and Kimberley area

Ofra Svorai Studio virtual tour / About Ofra Svorai
The studio is located two hours north of Toronto, west of Collingwood, in the beautiful and scenic Beaver Valley. We welcome the public visits to the studio by appointment. Please feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone for Ofra Svorai's exhibitions. We also have Open House studio tours that are announced and advertised well in advance throughout the year.


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